Design Stages Stage 1 
Creating a Brief
Getting to know the clients & the project.
For the initial stage I like to meet the client and discuss the project on the proposed sight. Here we set a detailed brief, understanding the key design drivers, budget and timescale. I also look to gather a tone for the project and have an initial discussion about materials and project themes / design ethos. The final part of the initial meeting establishes what experts to bring in to the project such as a structural engineer or another design specialists.   

Stage 2
Initial design studies.
For stage 2 I will then prepare a feasability study, a package of analysis and drawings that explores an initial design through model massing in alignment to the briefs timescale and budget. The package contains a template of architectural ‘precedents’ showing the direction of intended design as a discussion point to help the clients find their approach. This is a crucial step as it sets the stage for the more detailed development in the next set of works. 

Stage 3 
preparing for planning
Developing the design & submission of Planning Application
During Stage 03 I develop the design ideas presented at the previous stage. This will include a package of drawings which illustrate the design proposal, and a Design Statement which explains the proposals and the reasoning behind them in more detail. I will also consider if any additional reports or surveys are required to accompany the submission. I continue to liaise with our clients throughout this stage to ensure the final design submission to the Planning department meets their expectations and in some examples may work alongside a planning consultant whos planning expertise is often invaluable. Once the Planning application is submitted, we work closely with the council to answer any queries they may have. 

Stage 4
Developing detailed drawings in line with the Technical Standards.
Stage 4 continues approved designs in preperation for a Building Warrent application. Here my technical skills and building expertise are integral to creating a successfull attension to detail design. This stage intergrates aspects such as electrics, drainage, ventilation, energy, structure, construction and accessibility, amongst others so it is important to liase with correct consultants to coordinate a technical drawing pack. I work closely at this stage with building Standards department to address any questions they may have towards the intended design.
following this stage I like to help clients find a building team that will deliver the high design standards the projects strive for.    

Building Stages

Stage 1
Meet and Quote
I also have a passion for building and look to deliver some of my smaller bispoke projects within the company framework. if this is of interest to you we can have a conversation to see if the project aligns with my own building desires. In this case I will prepare an initial quote and timline for the construction process.

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n - 07501036605